Wednesday, March 15, 2017


Lay there, dear one
As I fold you
With fingers agile
Crease by crease
Those corners
Into twisted angles,
Like that twisted fate
Of mine
With every bend,
I create an unfurl
In the vast treasures
Of my thoughts
To you I give
A new direction,
To make you a beauty,
A masterpiece
While I declare myself
An artist,
Abundant with pride,
To have created you
Like that almighty,
My own origami
Intricate and lifelike
On a sheet of paper
Delicate as my heart

Sunday, February 19, 2017


As he entered the door of his house after ages, he realised that it was very much the same. The withered paint and rotten wood hadn't been replaced. The creaking front door hadn't been repaired. The garden seemed pretty much the same with similar shrubs and flowers. However, the atmosphere was grim. There was no hustle of kids playing around the house as before. There was no sign of his sister around. His parents, seated at the opposite end of the house in the dining area, seemed to be having breakfast, silently. It was calm, except for the whistle of the cooker that was blowing in the kitchen.
He felt strange and uncomfortable, like he didn't belong here. His parents hardly seemed to notice him.
Feeling ignored, he decided not to disturb them until they would realise by themselves that he was here. He slowly walked around the living area, keenly observing the changes in the furniture. Most of the arrangement was similar. The divan was on the right to the door, hugging the wall. It was where his father used to doze off while watching mid day news. The TV was placed in front of the divan, against the opposite wall. On the left to the door was an old wooden sofa, with a medium sized glass table placed in the front. On the table was an empty ashtray, and a newspaper placed beside it.
Behind the sofa, attached to the wall was a showcase with four compartments, one above the other. In the first two compartments on the top, mementos and medals that his sister and he earned during our schooldays were placed.
The bottom two compartments were flooded with photos arranged in the little space that was available. His sister, who was a teenager now, looked more beautiful in the photos than he could ever have imagined. His parents looked really dull in the photos. In some, they looked young and unhappy, and in some recent ones, they looked old and sick. To his dismay, he was missing in all of the pictures. He learned that he had missed an eternity with his family, and felt very guilty about it.
'Maybe that's why they're ignoring me,' he thought.
He was almost about to turn away from the showcase when something caught his eye. Behind a particular photo frame, he found a lone photograph of himself. He picked it up, feeling glad that at least one picture of his found its place among other prized possessions.
The picture was taken in the garden, in the summer of 2006, when he was twelve years old. He had been playing with his remote controlled car at the time the photo was taken. He vaguely remembered the scene. He had been very reluctant to get clicked, but his father had insisted on it. His irritating mood reflected on the photo, with his face almost droopy. 
Below the photo, there was a text etched in black ink, almost faded.
It read:
15/04/1994- 24/09/2007

Thursday, January 26, 2017


I didn't believe
In love at first sight
Until I saw
The green in your eyes
The crimson in your lips
The pink in your cheeks
And white in your smile
I saw further
The gray in your thoughts
The purple in your words
The hue of your arrogance
And the black in your heart.
I don't believe
In love at first sight

Monday, December 26, 2016


One more year has gone,
Leading life with no regrets
Mission fulfilled

Thursday, December 22, 2016


You are,
Unknowable you are,
Yet make a circle complete,
Yet you make the life of mathematicians easier,
Thanks for the omniscience of God that you represent, and magic you create.
*This poem is a tribute to Pi, the Fibonacci way. The significance of this poem lies in the Fibonacci sequence. Each line of this poem consists of number of words corresponding to the number in the Fibonacci sequence, that is, first line contains one word, second again contains one word, third has two words and so on ( 1 1 2 3 5 8 13)*